Wolf – Play by Trishla Patel

CUFT our 3 day festival of theatre, curated by Entre Nous Experiences Pvt.Ltd and brainchild of Ms.Suchita Kudale-Motwani & Gazal Madaan.

The first day saw Naseeruddin Shah’s poetry recitation – Beastly Tales, with our aim to bring a variety of shows to the audience, the second day saw an adventurous musical drama  “Wolf”. Directed by the talented Trishla Patel, this show was majorly made for children but in reality, was enjoyed by an audience of all ages.

‘Wolf’ shows the story a group of children’s study trip which turns into the adventure of their lifetime. Set in the Satpura forest of Madhya Pradesh, the story brings different threads together in a most entertaining way. A tribal boy goes missing, the forest is being destroyed by the teakwood mafia and the villagers are hunting down the endangered wolf, the last of its kind. With multiple quests to finish, the kids show incredible courage, tact and sensitivity. The story aims to teach about the conservation and protection of forests, animals and also tribes and their culture.

The children surely enjoyed the roller coaster of a ride that the play entailed. To top it up, the audience could interact with the directors, child artists and the rest of the cast of the play. Apart from the learning they gained while watching the play, the post show interaction let them deep into the world of acting and theatre. We are sure they took back home some wonderful memories from the evening.

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