What is the Entre Nous Event Management Program?

It’s your gateway to the world of Events

The events industry can be very confusing at the start. The thrill and the chaotic energy that it brings is very infectious, but can also be confusing when one is just starting out.

Having observed this pattern among new entrants in the industry, the event stalwarts at Entre Nous came up with the online three week Entre Nous Event Management Program.

The Course has a focused mission to nurture budding talent and provide aspirants with the requisite tools to succeed in the world of events.

How does it work?

In these three weeks, you will benefit from various Knowledge Transfer sessions by the Entre Nous leadership. You stand to gain from the two and a half-decade experience that Entre Nous has had in managing memorable events.

There are no examinations in the Course. You will be evaluated continuously in a comprehensive manner using real-life case studies and examples from the events that Entre Nous has done in the past.

We will make sure that you are equipped with the know-how and the nuances of the events industry. Hence giving you the confidence to finally venture out in the industry like, we know, you have always wanted to. So go ahead and work with your favourite firm, or maybe start your own startup!

What exactly are we going to learn: The Course Platter

  1.       Introduction
  2.       Overview of the events industry in India
  3.       The types of events
  4.       Operational Nuances: Planning and Execution concerning critical elements
  5.       Virtual Events: How to manage events during a Pandemic
  6.       Team Planning and Coordination
  7.       Budgeting
  8.       Entertainment Management
  9.       Travel and Accommodation
  10.       Overview on the know-hows of lights and sound
  11.       Infrastructure
  12.       Décor
  13.         Photography and videography
  14.         Printing and Designing
  15.       Mocks and Evaluation

Who are we learning from?

The very best. You will be learning from the founding directors of Entre Nous, Ms Suchita Kudale-Motwani, and Ms Gazal Madaan.

Stalwarts in the events industry, they come packed with diverse and extraordinary experiences in the events industry.

Suchita Kudale-Motwani

From hands-on situational management to conceptualising pioneering innovations in the industry, Suchita’s exhaustive knowledge of the industry is unparalleled.

Gazal Madaan

Gazal is an expert at ensuring that the job gets done. Meticulous about the smallest of details, there is no aspect of the event that she will leave to chance.

Who should take this Course?

  1.       Students exploring the events industry: explore the nuances before you jump in
  2.       Students looking to study abroad: add a new dimension to the diversity of your experience
  3.       Freelancers: looking to expand their area of expertise and skill
  4.       Professionals seeking career shifts: we know the corporate job is killing you
  5.       Anyone with any degree of interest in events: you are always welcome to explore

In a nutshell

  •  3 Week Program
  • Online, virtual
  • Four sessions/week
  • Duration of each session: up to 90 min
  • Fee: INR 10,000 + 18% GST
  • Faculty: Fonder-Directors of Entre Nous

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