We’re often told that hard work is the only path to success but I feel that apart from hard work,
there are other secrets to success in the event management industry.
I feel that developing a passion is more important because it keeps you driven and enables you to
take on challenges. It is the fire inside you that motivates you to put your full effort into performing
a task. Having a spirit of enthusiasm is a must in the event management agency job or industry,
which entails putting in a lot of overtime and dealing with clients and vendors who might not be
easy to work with. If cleaning your room stresses you out, event management might not be your cup
of tea. Own it, don’t condone it!

Apart from being passionate about your job in event management, being calm and collected is as
essential. Being composed even when a caterer drops the wedding cake and a guest slips on it is
important as it reassures your client and makes it easier for normalcy to be restored. You must have
a card up your sleeve, another plan at all times. You have to think on your feet to create a fabulous
experience for your client regardless of the roadblocks. You know how we act when our Wi-Fi stops
working? Yeah, that frantic behaviour, coupled with frustration and anxiety, can lead to the failure of
an event.

Good coordination between team members, open channels of communication, task division and
having systems in place to ensure that assigned tasks are completed on time is imperative for
success in the event management space. The absence of systems enables employees to play the
‘blame game’ for a job that’s undone. As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your weakest link.”
Weak links need to be strengthened.

Does thinking of ‘what ifs’ and the things that could go wrong make you a pessimist? Well, in the
event management industry job it makes you a realist. Looking into elements that could be
potential slip ups can help avoid accidents. So use all your future telling – magic powers, look into
your crystal ball or whatever and try to anticipate where problems could arise and plan for them.
Reflecting on past events can help improve future event management projects.

Another crucial element is having the ability to listen to your client, giving him/her your undivided
attention without thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner or what your dog might be
doing. You should have the ability to take in an impressive amount of information, bring your
expertise and vision to the table and deliver while sticking to the brief and the client’s budget to
make sure he/she is completely satisfied. Sounds like something only a superhero can do? You
better put on your mask and cape.

These are just some of the ways to succeed in the buzzing event management industry, take it from
someone who does not know much but knows how to use google .

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