EVENT MANAGEMENT- A taste of the Industry

Don’t menu descriptions of dishes served at fancy restaurants make them seem like complex but
perfect blends of ingredients? The intricate preparation of these delights is even more complex.
Gathering ingredients, preparing them, cooking everything to the right degree and for the right
amount of time, making sure it’s a treat for the eyes, is a summary of the numerous steps that go
into this labyrinth of a process.

Planning an extraordinary event is the same as creating a wonderful dish, in the respect that both
require a high degree of skill and effort. There is also a lot of glitz and glamour associated with it
which is why event management has cropped up as a great career option. It allows you to showcase
your business skills while organizing, planning, mapping out ideas, budgeting etc.; it allows you to let
your creativity flow freely and gives you a platform to meet new people and develop your
interpersonal skills. It has elements of jobs that require you to have organizational skills and those
that give you an outlet for your creative ideas. Event Management Training is indeed ‘best of both
worlds’ situation makes it an extremely appealing career option.

As an event management training student you might have wanted to throw a ‘Power Rangers’
themed party when you were five and a ‘Prom’ themed party at eighteen. An event management
course helps you entertain all kinds of requests whether it is for a big event hosted by a corporate
working to protect the emperor penguins in Antarctica or for a penguin themed birthday party for a
toddler. Wouldn’t organize all kinds of events for completely different target audiences require
you to come up with a lot of ideas?

Have you ever been told, “You can’t please everyone”? In event management career, you have to
work against the odds in order to organize an exceptional event and please your clients. You have to
incorporate all their ideas into their event while working within their different budgets.
Don’t you consider eating a packet of chips while studying, multitasking? Well, ensuring that an
the event runs smoothly has the same concept at its base, but is a completely different ballgame.
Everything from the venue to the caterers to the sound system to the décor to the napkin rings to
the toothpicks has to be looked into. While making sure that everything meets a certain standard,
one has to make sure that the proceedings of the event are carried out in a timely and orderly

An event management career isn’t a piece of cake, its the whole bakery, but it is delicious.