A festival is, typically, a period of celebration. At our Curtains Up Festival of Theatre like-minded people came together to celebrate different art forms, and mainly theatre. It was three days of enthralling performances by talented artists and content-filled entertainment. Through this event, we as an events management company wanted to create a space for the true appreciation of performing arts and expand the interests of the audience.

Theatre does not have as wide a fan base as films. Managing the event CUFT, we aim to change these dynamics, even if a little bit, by increasing the availability of theatre productions. On the first day, we had ‘Beastly Tales’ directed by Naseeruddin Shah. This play was a compilation of poetry and short stories by Vikram Seth and James Thurber, which explored the current state of human lives and relations through animals.

On the second day of this event, we had a musical production named, ‘Wolf’ directed by Trishla Patel and co-directed by Sukant Goel. This play was focused towards the younger audience. It was a story of kids, full of adventure, thrill, mystery, music, and dance.

The third day of this event we had ‘Joke’ directed by Makarand Deshpande. This was a story of religious fanaticism, giving a commentary on the current situation of man’s relation with God and religion.

This mix of genres, languages, and topics gave the audience a wide opportunity to experience theatre in different forms in a singular event. Showcasing the versatility of theatre helped the audience’s interests. Apart from this, we had platform performances on all three days. These performances explored different genres of music and had performance poetry and mime acts as well.

To complement our array of platform performers and to provide even more entertainment to the crowd, we had different stalls in our CUFT Bazaar. This event had quirky accessories, digitally-cut greeting cards, dream-catchers, t-shirts, jewelry etc.

All these elements came together in synth and made this festival event a blast. It’s our hope that it keeps on growing every year and that more and more people develop an interest in theatre.


You can read more about this event here,-2018#page/21/1

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